The first industrial packaging line arrived at the branch of Segezha Packaging in Salsk

Segezha Packaging LLC (part of Sistema JSFC) continues implementation of the program for augmenting its share in strategically important segments of the industrial sack market - cement and dry mix mortars. The branch of Segezha Packaging in Salsk (Rostov Region) has received the first equipment of the new Windmoller & Hoelscher semi-automatic line for making paper sacks. Investments in the project amounted to more than RUB 500 million.
The line will allow to produce more than 80 million high-tech industrial sacks of any degree of complexity. Preparation of the production site, which started in the spring, has been completed. According to the contract, German specialists will deliver and carry out supervised installation of the equipment. The assembly of the W&H line in Salsk and its launch into industrial production is planned for completion in November.
The new line will help the Segezha Group’s plant in Salsk to almost double its paper packaging production capacity. Launched in February 2016, the branch of the Karelian flagship enterprise had the rated capacity of 90 million bags per year, but with potential for further increase in production volumes to more than 200 million bags per year.
The Windmoller & Hoelscher's state-of-the-art automated paper bag production line will help make up to 330 bags per minute with a wide range of options. The machine is capable of making valve sacks in a variety of sizes, with valves of any complexity, for all types of filling equipment. Yet another unconditional advantage of this line is how fast the line can change from one order to the next. Reducing the time it takes to change the setup of the machine from one order to the next will allow the company to become one of the most efficient paper bag manufacturers in Russia and produce a variety of high-quality and competitive products for the market, including packaging for construction materials (cement, gypsum, building mixtures), as well as various sacks and bags for the chemical and food industries.
It is expected that the new products from Salsk will be sold to the Southern Federal District, the Volga Federal District, FSU Asian and Caucasian states.
The production facility in Salsk sets an example of a modern highly automated production site which has no analogs anywhere in Russia. The facility has multi-color printing machines, which can produce high-quality color printing. Segezha Group is the only manufacturer of paper sacks in Russia, which can produce high-quality color prints of up to 8 colors. In the second half of 2018 the factory in Salsk already launched a new Triumph 5 QT SK sack-making line produced by GARANT MASCHINEN, with the total output capacity of 24 million pieces of consumer packaging a year.
The paper packaging assets of Segezha Group in Karelia, Rostov Region and Europe annually produce more than 1.3 billion units of ready products. The main effect on the business of packaging and its growth is contributed by modernization of Segezha PPM, and growing production of sacks. The company’s products are being used at almost every Russian plant that manufactures cement and dry construction mixtures. They are also in high demand among major retailers, such as IKEA, Auchan, Pyaterochka, Azbuka Vkusa, Adidas, Reebok, and many others.
The level of availability of own high-quality materials allows the brand of Segezha Group to control the cost of production of paper sacks, export ready products abroad and compete successfully with European manufacturers, not only on the market of Europe, Russia, and the CIS, but on the market beyond the FSU countries.