Sokolsky Woodworking Combine to Acquire Automatic finger jointing line

The Sokolsky Woodworking Combine (Segezha Group, part of Sistema JSFC), located in Vologda Region, the leader on the Russian market of construction beams and glued laminated timber for housing construction, is continuing its production capacity modernization program. In late December 2018 the enterprise signed a contract with Ledinek Company to deliver an automatic, fully mechanized lamella finger jointing line. The output capacity of the equipment is 25 cubic meters per hour.

After the line is launched, the production output of glulam products will reach 100,000 m3. At the same time, the special characteristics of the new line will allow the Sokolsky Combine to strengthen its presence on the traditional sales markets, as well as reach new markets in Scandinavia and Japan.

The Ledinek line, produced by one of the leading timber processing equipment manufacturers in Europe, will help produce lamellae with vertical and horizontal joints to create high-quality parts of the necessary length and shape. The equipment will be delivered and launched at Sokolsky Woodworking Combine in the first half of 2020.

“The line will help the production of glued construction beams and laminated timber housing to a qualitatively new level, create ideal conditions for balancing the loads on production sections, and help plan sales. This is a technically and strategically important solution for us,” Dmitry Rudenko, Vice President and Head of Housing Construction Division at Segezha Group said.

According to the Vice President of the Forest Industry Holding, the two gluing installations on the line are Kontizink (with the delivery speed of 120 m/min) with vertical joints and Eurozink (12 cycles) with horizontal joints. The delivery also includes the setup of a four-storey accumulation warehouse for storing the lamellae, where the presses will work autonomously on 12 press-fit installations.

The two lamella finger-jointing lines and the warehouse shall be connected by a system of roller tables, which will help decrease the number of service personnel to the minimum, meanwhile the output of the finger-jointing line will increase.

 "Ledinek technologies are distinguished by precision processing and clogging of elements glued with the help of an ecologically perfect assembly adhesive. Pressed lamellae for glued laminated timber and laminated wood constructions can be manufactured in the range of width from 75 to 300 mm with the thickness between 20 and 80 mm. Structural timber of different length can be produced, according to the individual customer’s requirements. This is a very a considerable advantage,” Vice President of the Company Dmitry Rudenko said. He also added, that the next step taken by Segezha Group in the process of modernizing Sokolsky Woodworking Combine will be the construction of a plant which manufactures CLT panels, building materials of the future.