Siberian Enterprise of Segezha Group Receives Quality Class ENplus A1® Certificate – “White Pellets”

Ksylotech-Syberia Pellet Plant of Segezha Group (part of Sistema JSFC), operating on the site of Lesosibirsky Woodworking Plant No. 1 received Quality Class EN plus A1® Certificate The pellet products of the plant are awarded Class A1 according to the European standard of pellet product (white pellets). These pellets are produced of debarked wood, and have the minimum ash content of less than 0.5%.

Class A1 is the highest pellet quality class, which is necessary to allow the company to access the European biofuel market. The audit was held in December 2018 by German company Peterson Control Union Deutschland GMBH (PCU), a certification body, part of Control Union World Group, accredited by BLE and ISCC.

According to the EN plus® European Standard, Ksylotech-Syberia LLC Plant has been equipped with a special mini-laboratory to guarantee ongoing control of pellet quality. Therefore, the main quantitative characteristics of pellets have been confirmed by lab tests, including bulk density, strength (or abrasion capacity), ash content, humidity and calorific value.

Biomass Consult, an international consulting company with extensive experience in preparing companies for certification of this kind, was hired to guarantee good preparation of the company for the process. At thisstage Ksylotech-Syberia LLC acquired specialized laboratory equipment for testing fuel granules for such major indicators as ash melting point, small particles, maximum length of pellets, energy capacity, humidity, mechanical strength, etc.

“We have completed all the necessary procedures and developed data collection methods, compiled guidfance brochures for responsible staff members and trained key management staff,” said Sergey Pobegaylo, General Director of Ksylotech-Syberia LLC. “Now, considering that in January we received the Stable Biomass Program (SBP) certification, the company now has everything necessary to begin working on the European market.”

The entire EN plus® certification process, from enterprise action planning to issuance of the document by the accredited certification authority, took just over half a year.