Segezha PPM to install new electrostatic precipitators with nearly 99.97% solid waste collection efficiency

Segezha PPM of Segezha Group (part of PJSC Sistema) purchases electrostatic precipitators manufactured by Russian company Fingo-Complex, one of the leading suppliers of innovative air treatment technologies, including international markets.

The equipment will be installed on the black liquor recovery boiler. The delivery is scheduled for next January, and installation is expected to be completed in or about Q2 of 2021. The mill is conducting early works now, a by-pass gas pipeline is being constructed.

“The engineering solution will significantly improve the ecological well-being of the city and lower the impact of the mill on the atmosphere. Once the equipment is replaced, the efficiency of solid waste collection will attain the highest possible level of 99.97%,” - noted Gregory Ivanov, Managing Director of JSC Segezha PPM.

In February this year, President of Segezha Group Mikhail Shamolin at the meeting with Segezha residents noted that the holding company, acting within the framework of the environmental program, would purchase electrostatic precipitators featuring the latest gas purifying technologies. In three years, the mill will handle the task for emission abatement on all existing process lines.

Segezha Group is investing ₽805 million into upgrading of treatment equipment. As a result, the mill will essentially reduce gross air emissions.