Segezha Packaging Germany celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Industrial paper packaging plant located in Achern, Germany - Segezha Packaging GmbH – marks its 100th anniversary. Since 2014 the facility is part of Segezha Group (part of PJSC Sistema).

The company was founded in 1920 to produce sacks made of jute. The first paper sack was manufactured there in 1924 and since then became the key business for the plant.

Today Segezha Packaging Germany employs more than 120 people and its customer portfolio includes world-leading producers of cement, building materials, chemicals, animal feed and food ingredients.

The company contributes to its social mission by supporting local community and provides one of the facility’s buildings, which is not used for production purposes, for concerts, exhibitions and other events organized by municipality of the city. Moreover, the plant cooperates with vocational schools on the dual educations system.

In 2017 Segezha Packaging Germany developed an intelligent packaging solution – paper sack with an integrated RFID tag, that allows very fast, contactless and error-free product identification. This technology can be used for internal logistics optimization and/or external tracking processes

Earlier this year, a new printing machine Allstein Hydro A 125-135 was successfully installed at the plant. The machine is designed to print eight colors plus one and uses water-based ink, which is safe for people and environment. Technical specifications of the equipment allow even the most demanding requirements to be satisfied.

“The new state-of-the-art equipment will allow us to significantly enhance printing performance and expand the printing capacity of the plant. Considering the market trend toward more complex printing requirements, our aim is not only to meet but exceed the growing demand for high-quality flexo-printing among our clients” – Rinat Stark, CEO Segezha Packaging, said.