Segezha Group wins Change Management Visionaries. Prize in the Nomination “Ecology. Business”

The prizes of the 2nd Russian Professional Prize “Change Management. Visionaries” presented by +1 projects were awarded in Moscow on April 11. Representatives of business corporations and industry communities received awards for projects in the sphere of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.
Segezha Group (part of Sistema JSFC) has been awarded victory in the nomination for “Ecology. Business” for the project “Introducing bioenergy technologies in Forest Industry. The company’s application centered around two current “green” projects: the launch of the multi-fuel boiler that uses bark and wood as fuel at Segezhsky PPM in Karelia, and the pellet plant on the industrial site of Lesosibirsky LDK No. 1 in Krasnoyarsk Krai. Anastasia Poletaeva, Director for Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, received the award on behalf of Segezha Group. 
“Development of biofuel production and the recycling of production waste in wood-fired boilers are among top priorities of our company's environmental policy. “Considering that bioenergy is the largest source of renewable energy, timber industry professionals have been trying to maximize the potential of harvested wood and approach this issue with utmost care, reducing the burden on the environment, introducing waste-free production and technologies,” Anastasia Poletaeva, Director for Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, said. This has been confirmed by the results of launching a new steam bolier on the Segezhsky PPM in Karelia, Poletaeva said. Since the enterprise started using wood waste and sludge of wastewater as fuel, the consumption of fossil fuels at the enterprise decreased by 30%. The MTK is equipped with modern electrostatic precipitators that ensure proper purification of atmospheric emissions. There’s constant ecological monitoring, including air quality, noise level, soil continuum, the quantity of potable waters and wastewater composition in sewage treatment plants. 
The second important project on the way to waste free production of the company was the launch of the pellet plant at Lesosibirsky LDK No. 1, which started operations in December 2018. The disposal of wood logging byproducts is effected here by means of transforming these products into biofuel and heat. Fuel granules are made under high pressure without any use of chemical binders. The project has been successfully certified at the international level under the Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP), and received the EN plus® Quality Certificate. The pellets were awarded Class A1, White Pellets made of wood without bark and with minimal ash content of less than 0.5%. This is the highest pellet quality class, which allowed the company to access the European market of biofuel. The level of consumption of this product in the world has been stably growing. In comparison with the beginning of the 21st century, the market grew by about 15 times, since the wood fuel produces more carbon per unit of energy, than most fossil fuels. In comparison with coke, coal and natural gas, fuel pellets produce dozens of times less CO2, a greenhouse effect gas. 
At present, the Segezha Group is actively working on additional generation of energy from renewable sources in all of its divisions, converting heating plants that previously used coal and mazut as fuel to biological raw materials. Moreover, all ongoing and upcoming projects in modernization of production and construction of new plants shall include construction of modern energy facilities that will use sawmill waste as fuel. 
Sistema JSFC and Detsky Mir Group of Companies, also a member of the Corporation, were awarded their own Change Management. Visionaries awards. Sistema JSFC received its award in the nomination for best non-financial corporate reporting on best representation of issues of economic influence. The charity project of Detsky Mir has been recognized the best in the nomination “Society.Business”. Since 2014 Detsky Mir Charity Foundation equipped 400 playrooms in 129 children’s health care establishments across the country.
“Change Management. Visionaries” is an annual Russian prize for sustainable influence in economy, ecology and society, established by Project +1 in 2018. A total of some 90 projects were competing for the prize of 2019. The winners were selected by the expert council in two blocks: SSC reports of companies (in the first block) and projects in the nominations “Economy,” “Ecology,” “A Successful Start,” “Small Business and Social Enterprises” (in the second block). The Prize is awarded to leaders of the Russian market, which have been successfully solving local social and ecological problems.
Applicants for the Prize in 2019 included IKEA, Nestle, Beeline, Rosenergoatom, Ferrero, Rostelecom, Nornickel, Segezha Group, Sistema JSFC, Rosatom, Unilever, Vympelcom, Coca-Cola and others.