Segezha Group Rated as One of Top 50 Russian Companies in the Corporate Transparency Rating

The results of the corporate transparency survey among the largest Russian companies in 2018 were announced by the Russian Regional Network for Integrated Reporting (RRN).

According to the rating, Segezha Group, a forest industry enterprise and part of Sistema JSFC, takes the 42nd position in the corporate transparency rating of major Russian companies. The RRN assessed the level of corporate transparency in the total of 1,141 companies.

The report states, the Segezha Group reached the 2nd level of transparency in 2018 (scoring 34 out of 100 points), i.e. its level of transparency corresponds to international reporting standards. For information, Aeroflot ranks 37th in the rating, Megafon takes the 40th place, MICEX is 41st, Uralkali is 45th, NLMK is 51st, and Russian Railways is 55th.

“We are happy with the result. It reflects the qualitative evolution of information disclosure for our group of companies. We have one of the most comprehensive segment disclosures on the corporate IFRS market,” said Anastasia Poletaeva, Director of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations of Segezha Group. “Transparent companies have higher ratings in the international business community, and this fact also helps us build a positive business reputation among our customers and partners.”

The Russian Regional Network for Integrated Reporting was founded in August of 2012 at the initiative of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) and Russian companies participating in the IIRC Pilot Program. Regional networks have been created in 14 regions of the world and serve as forums for interested individuals and organizations, where they can share their experiences in the area of corporate reporting, discuss future perspectives and immediate action plans, and create mechanisms for support of the quality of reporting documents in various countries. The RRN cooperates with the IIRC in the process of improving the International Integrated Reporting Standard.