Segezha Group Expands Industrial Packaging Production Capacity at Salsk Mill

In Q1 this year, branch of Segezha Packaging LLC, asset of Segezha Group (part of Sistema JSFC) in the city of Salsk, Rostov Oblast, doubled its production output. The mill produced 37.5 million industrial sacks and 3.8 million consumer bags, versus 18.9 million and 2.06 million in the same period of the previous year, respectively.

Such production output has been achieved owing to the commissioning of a new semi-automatic Windmöller & Hölscher line for industrial packaging production in late 2019. Capacity of the equipment amounts to 83 million items, with over RUB 500 million investment.

An overall amount of RUB 2 billion has been invested in the Salsk Mill. 90 jobs were created, new ones to emerge along with the site’s development. We are confident that the project is mutually beneficial for the company and the region,” commented Igor Timofeev, member of the Board, Vice President and Director of the Paper and Packaging Division, on the occasion of the new line’s commissioning.

 For reference: The Salsk mill sustainably ramps up its industrial packaging production volumes: 55 million items in 2016, 65 million in 2017, 78 million in 2018, and over 81 million in 2019.

Since October 2018, the mill has extended its range to consumer packaging through installation of Triumph 5 QT SK bagging line. The mill has mastered production of paper bags with twisted handles, mostly for major retail chains. In 2019 their production volume amounted to 14.6 million items.