Segezha Group completed rollout of Creatio CRM system across all international branches

In July, a CRM-system was put into pilot operation at converting plants of Segezha Group (part of PJSC Sistema) in Italy, the Netherlands, Rumania, Czech Republic and Turkey. The ultimate goal is to shape a company-wide unified customer relationship management system. Working with the CRM-system will allow existing business-processes to be automated and streamlined across all Segezha Packaging branches.

“By now, we have completed the implementation of a new CRM-system at all international branch of the holding company. This software will enable us to build a seamless sales process at each enterprise in an equally effective manner, optimize the communication process with a customer throughout the entire customer journey, as well as to access analytical data necessary for decision making,” - Dmitry Vardashkin, Chief Sales Officer at Segezha Packaging, commented.

Amid restrictions relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, personnel training and system testing were held online and on schedule.

“The implementation of the CRM system is one of the essential components of digital transformation of the business-process management in the company, as it allows data on orders and sales from all the enterprises to be consolidated within the unified information system,” - Pavel Vakhnin, Vice-President for Information Technologies and Process Automation of Segezha Group, stressed.

For reference:
Creatio CRM-system (ex bpm’online), designed by Terrasoft, provides for the automation of the customer relationship processes and allows for the accumulation of data and compilation of analytical reports with adjustable level of detail.