Segezha Group Becomes One of the 100 Best Companies in the Rating of Annual Reports LACP Vision Awards

The results of the International Competition of Annual Reports - Spotlight Awards of the League of American Communication Professionals (LACP). The annual report of Segezha Group (part of AFK Sistema) in 2017 took the 63rd place among more than 500 companies from 44 sectors of the economy and received a golden medal in the category of companies with capitalization from $100 mln to $1 bln dollars, having received98 points out of 100.

The competition assessed reports of more than 500 companies from 20 states according to 8 criteria: first impression, design, appeal to shareholders, general part of the report, financial indicators, creativity, wording of messages, and availability of information.

“The Company has published its first annual report and received high ratings of the international community. Coming in 63rd among all the participants in all the categories is a good beginning that recognizes the qualities of our teamwork,” said Anastasia Malitsyna, the Director for Corporate Communications and Investor Relations. “Openness and transparency in every sphere of our business is a key priority in our relationships with partners, clients and the society. We have named our report “New Journey Begins” for a reason: in just four years since its foundation the company reached leading positions in the timber industry having created a great foundation on the way to implementing our ambitious goals.”

In the annual report, which in terms of content is comparable to reports of the major public companies, Segezha Group illustrates a mission of creating a comfortable living environment for the human being in harmony with nature using modern technologies to continuously improve production, to facilitate development of their staff and partners. The document consists of five main sections that include information about the company, its development strategy, financial and operational results over the year, corporate governance practices and risks.

The company pays considerable attention in the report to corporate governance strategies, additionally, in the separate chapter readers can get to meet managers of Segezha Group - the Board of Directors and its top managers.

In addition to traditional key operating and financial indicators the Annual Report discusses various aspects of sustainable development such as ecology, charitable projects, development in regions of presence, voluntary certification according to international standards, work on environmental protection, anti-corruption and corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.

The topic of CSR will be covered in more details in the new Report on sustainable development in 2016-2017, which is published every two years. The document prepared in accordance to GRI G4 international reporting standard, is getting ready for publication.

The LACP Vision Awards for best annual reports is held every year since 2002 by the League of American Communications Professionals LLC (LACP) among companies representing most sectors of the global economy. The geography of participants in Vision Awards LACP includes more than 20 countries.

The LACP was founded in 2001 to create a community of professionals who are working on promoting the best achievements and finding the most powerful actors on the global market that demonstrate excellent results in the sphere of communication.