Onega LDK has sequentially and successfully implemented a number of important logistical investment projects

Several investment projects have been successfully completed at Onezhsky LDK (Archangelsk Region, part of Sistema JSFC) to improve the logistics of shipments of increased volumes of technological chips to another enterprise of the group – Segezha PPM. As a result of finding a comprehensive solution to all the aforementioned problems, the logging and wood-processing combine has doubled the speed of loading raw materials onto train cars and increased the volume of delivered wood chips by 10%.

Lumber mills No. 32 and No. 33, which are part of the OLDK, were put into operation in 1974 and 2001, respectively, and the railway entrance routes leading to them were intended for wood chip carriages with the so-called short base of 19 meters between the axles. Present-day carriages have 23 meters between the axles. The volume of cargo has also increased considerably, from 120–130 bulk cubic meters of chips to 200–230.

Improving the logistics and increasing the delivery of chips to the Segezha PPM, the Onega LDK acquired 32 new chip carriages with long-base axles. Today these are used in express trains of 36 carriages in each, 6,500 cubic meters of chips are delivered for processing and eight such trains are delivered with no stopovers en route to Karelia.

The new carriages could not be used for loading in accordance with the old scheme: the radius of the former railway turns led to fast wearing down of wheel pairs. This led in turn to considerable unjustifiable costs as the carriage would have to be repaired for a month, and replacement of a single wheel pair cost RUB 250,000.

Specialists of Onega LDK prepared their calculations, and in 2018 the managing company of Segezha Group approved the support investment project “Reconstruction of Railway Curves at Lumber Mills Nos. 33 and 32.” The goal of the project was to allow long-base carriages to be used for loading technological chips to be delivered to the Segezha PPM.

“In 2018 a specialized enterprise in Archangelsk, LLC Alliance Project, studied the site and confirmed that the radius of the curve could be changed without stopping the enterprise and with consideration of current geodesical conditions,” said Ivan Sekarev, Chief Engineer of JSC Onega LDK. “The work started in June 2019 and were carried out under close supervision of bodies overseeing compliance with technical requirements. Two railway sidings 360 and 407 meters long were reconstructed as part of this project. The total cost of the project amounted to a little over RUB 29 million. In September all work on the investment project was completed.”

Comprehensive planning of railway construction operations allowed not to interfere with the production process at Lumber Mill No. 33. The two weeks in June, when the construction was underway, the end milling chipping headrig Hew Saw R-200 SE produced by Veisto OY and used at Lumber Mill No. 33 was undergoing planned repairs.

The end milling chipping headrig allows to produce sawn wood and technological chips for PPMs. The machine at Lumber Mill No. 33 (part of Onega LDK) annually processes 350,000 cubic meters of raw materials a year on average.

The machine was manufactured and launched in 2001. Over this period the workings appeared in the housing and in bearing seats, and bearings and shafts were worn out. This was the first capital repair of the machine, in accordance with the established norms. After the capital repairs the quality of produced sawn wood improved significantly: the geometry of boards was improved, the number of cracks decreased, the boards became cleaner. In July the capital repairs of the machine were completed and lumber mill No. 33 transferred back to three-shift mode of operation again.

Concurrently, the specialists of Onega LDK dealt with yet another long-standing logistics problem. An engine was needed for express trains, and it was usually leased from RZD. As there were many customers in Onega, a free engine was hard to come by. Sometimes the waiting period could reach a full day, which led to considerable losses for the entire lumber mill.

In March 2019 the Onega LDK invested slightly over RUB 10 million to purchase an Ural locotruck from the Miass Special Equipment Plant. Now the trains could be dispatched whenever it was necessary, regardless of whether an engine was available at Onega Railway Station. Express trains are dispatched regularly as needed for the smooth production process.

At present the team of the enterprise is working on calculating the investment project parameters for 2020. These plans concern the main product of the enterprise – sawn wood – and its delivery to consumers.

In November 2018 the Onega LDK implemented a project to create the container terminal and purchase a reach-stacker. This enabled the enterprise to deliver ready product in railway cars. Earlier sawn wood was delivered only by sea or in railway gondola cars.

 The plans are to extend railway tracks, and launch the second stage of the container terminal.


Onega LDK annually produces some 240,000 cubic meters of sawn coniferous wood of Scandinavian origin and 198,000 tons Edged sawn wood is produced from spruce and pine, dried to transport moisture levels of 20–22% and exported. The products of the enterprise have been certified as meeting international ecological standards.