Lesosibirsk Enterprises of Segezha Group Successfully Complete Sustainable Biomass Program Certification

Siberian assets of Segezha Group (part of Sistema JSFC) - JSC Lesosibirsky LDK No. 1 and Xylotech-Sibir LLC - have successfully completed Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP) international certification. The audit was performed by NEPCon - a non-profit global organization that works to promote sustainable land use and searches for solutions of the climate change problem.

NEPCon works to promote and support sustainable use of natural resources, solutions for protection of natural resources and climate change. There are numerous requirements for candidates to receive the SBP certificate, including requirements for sustainable forest management, legal origin of wood products and lawful commercial practices, as well as reporting requirements for the entire energy and carbon supply chain.

In the process of applying for the European certificate of quality for industrial wood pellets Lesosibirsky LDK No. 1 and Xylotech-Sibir LLC prepared detailed reports on the resource base of their enterprises, developed and tested data collection procedures and methods, developed guidance manuals for responsible officials, and performed training of key employees involved in the management system.

“The entire certification process, from enterprise action planning to the delivery of the document by the accredited certification authority, took slightly over half a year. To prepare the company for the upcoming audit properly, we engaged consultants from Biomass Consult, an established company with international experience in this area of certification,”  said Vladimir Mammatov, Leading Expert in Voluntary Forest Certification at Lesosibirsky LDK No. 1.

Segezha Group investments in pellet production in Krasnoyarsk Krai totaled RUB 816.6 mln.  The new technological line for production of fuel granules (pellets) was launched at the site of Lesosibirsky LDK No. 1 on December 19, 2018. The annual output of pellets, intended for export, is 70,000 tons. All production is contracted for a year in advance. The launch of the pellet plant allowed us using forest raw material resources in a comprehensive manner, ensuring disposal of sawmill by-products by converting them into biofuel pellets and thermal energy.

“Biofuel production is one of important aspects of the company’s policy in field of ecology and protection of the environment. Besides, 100% of this product are exported, and its global consumption is growing fast, because it is a high-quality inexpensive fuel. We intend to step up the production volume and expand the export volume of this product,” Mikhail Shamolin, President of Segezha Group, said. “Fuel pellet consumption.

In 2019, Segezha Group plans to ship three container trains of eco fuel from Lesosibirsk to Baltic ports every month for further shipment to Denmark, Italy, Sweden, and other European countries. The first five tons of this product were shipped in December 2018 - January 2019.