Center for Manufacturing of Special Kinds of Plywood created at the Vyatka Plywood Combine

Segezha Group Wood Industry Holding (part of Sistema JSFC) has been working on a comprehensive project of improving the production effectiveness of enterprises in the Holding’s region of operation. Planned modernization programs are underway at the enterprises of the Group in the Republic of Karelia, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Archangelsk, Vologda and Kirov Regions. The company is acquiring new state-of-the-art equipment and carries out planned repair operations. For example, the Vyatka Plywood Combine (VPC) which is part of the Segezha Group management hub, introduced a section for manufacturing of special kinds of plywood as part of the renewal program. The new center will process the plywood: saw off sloped edges, drill additional holes and work on other processes by special order, e.g., for freight transport.

After the second stage of the VPC was launched, the enterprise began manufacturing new plywood products including laminated plywood with colored films, transparent and semi-transparent films (as interior products in the eco style), plywood for formwork with improved processes, plywood for floor covering in small freight vehicles, plywood with increased water resistance and other types of plywood in demand on the world market. The second stage of the combine was built to produce assorted large-format longitudinal plywood. The new section, which employs 475 people, is comprised of 18 high-tech lines including the extruder plywood formation line, the automatic veneer repair line and the edge jointer machine.

The enterprise also produces wooden fiberboards (WFBs). The new woodchipper was launched in October 2019 after successful initial testing in order to improve the quality of the final product. The woodchipper cost RUB 17 million. The machine helps free the chips left after production of WFB from foreign matter and sand, as well as save electricity.

The Plywood Combine in Vyatka is the leading enterprise in its segment on the Russian and international market; it exports ready products of different types to many countries of the world. In September 2019, the Combine won the Republican leg of the All-Russian Competition “Exporter of the Year in Industry” (Large Business Category).

In 2019, according to forecasts, the Vyatka Plywood Combine will manufacture some 180,000 cubic meters of large-format plywood, and around 85,000 cubic meters of wooden fiberboards. In order to expand its production capacities and the volume of export-oriented products, in 2020 Segezha Group will start building yet another plywood combine which will be located in Galich, Kostroma Region (Galich Zone of Advanced Economic Development). Opening the second stage of the Vyatka Combine in Kirov in July 2018, President of Segezha Group Mikhail Shamolin said that by 2021 the company intended to produce some 300-320 thousand cubic meters of birch plywood a year, and that this figure would become reality after the second combine of this segment would be launched in Galich.