If you have information about any of the following being committed by Segezha Group employees, its partners or suppliers, please inform us without delay by any convenient means of communication:
- a breach during the realisation of a project or an economic transaction
- cases of misappropriation/disclosure and/or use of data that is a trade secret, insider information, or limited access data of any other type
- any possible corruption or fraudulent activities

Leave a message on the answering machine of our INTEGRATED HOT LINE on
8 (911) 053-33-00
Send a letter by post or courier service with the heading
‘INTEGRATED HOT LINE’ to the following address:
185035, Russian Federation,
The Republic of Karelia,
Petrozavodsk City, Lenina Street 21.

With the note "INTEGRATED HOT LINE".

Guidelines for our "Integrated Hot line"
can be found at this link


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