What is a cookie? 
A cookie is a small text file that stores information about Internet browser settings. This technology is used on almost all modern sites. Cookies are downloaded by the browser when you first visit the site. The cookie along with the file stored in it is either sent back to the original site (main cookie), or to the third-party site to which it belongs (third-party cookie). 
Thus, we get information about re-opening the site through the same browser, and in some cases the displayed content may change. Cookies can also be useful to the user, when re-entering, making the site interface more convenient and personalized. If you use the same device and the same browser, cookies will remember your preferences and adapt the displayed content according to your interests and needs.

Cookie settings on this site.
The use of cookies on this site does not require user consent. 
There are strictly necessary cookies, the so-called technical cookies, which do not affect the availability of site functionality for the user. These files are used exclusively by Segezha Group, and therefore are considered the main cookies. They are stored on your device, only if you actually visit our site. And they are used, for example, to ensure that the site can display a version of the configurator that matches the characteristics of your current Internet connection.
Also, these cookies simplify the transition from HTTP to HTTPS when changing pages, thereby ensuring the safety of transmitted data. In addition, they are used to store user consents regarding the use of cookies by our site. User consent is not required to use technical cookies. By changing the settings on this site, you cannot disable the installation of technical cookies. 

Categories of cookies 
Four categories of cookies are distinguished according to their function and purpose: technical, performance cookies, functional and promotional.

Technical cookies.
Such files are important to ensure navigation and use of the site functionality. Without such cookies, when returning to the page within one session, some functions may not be available, for example, the history of your actions (entered text, configurator set values) will not be saved.

Functional cookies. 
Such files allow you to save the entered information (user names, language used and location) in order to improve the site and personalize its functionality and content. For example, if you use files to remember your location, the site will display information about taxes in your region. Such files are also used to enable user-requested features, such as, for example, video playback. They collect information anonymously and do not track your actions on other sites.

Advertising cookies. 
Such files are used to display advertisements and other messages based on your interests and preferences. They are also used to limit the number of impressions of the same ad to one user, and to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns. These files remember the user's transitions to the advertiser's site / page with the advertisement and can transfer this information to third-party organizations, such as advertising agencies. Cookies used to target content and advertisements are often associated with the functionality of the site provided by third parties.

Cookie settings on this site.
At any time, you can completely disable the use of cookies by changing your browser settings. If you change the settings and block certain cookies, the use of some of the functionality of our website will become impossible and we will not be able to provide the previously specified personal settings and parameters.