Vyatsky Plywood Mill

1, Kommuny st. 610013, Kirov, Kirov area, Russia
Tel: +7 (8332) 713-800
Fax: +7 (8332) 713-888

Vyatsky Plywood Mill

Vyatsky Plywood Mill produces birch plywood (FSF and FOF) of various formats and thickness of 6 – 40 mm; fiberboard of dry process with thickness of 3,2 – 7,0 mm and also fuel briquettes RUF

Annual production rate: 95,7 thousand cubic meters of the plywood and 25 million sq.m of fiberboard. The program of increase in power up to 190 thousand cubic meters of plywood pre year and modernizations of production of fiberboard is developed at the enterprise.

Vyatsky Plywood Mill is one of the leading producers of the thin fiberboard of average density of dry process of TSN brand. This type of the board belongs to the category of MDF plates (medium density fiberboard – a board of average density).

Start of production of the fiberboard (MDF) at Vyatsky Plywood Mill took place in 2000.

The design and construction of the modern plant on production of the large-sized plywood has begun in 2006. The project has received the status of the priority investment project in the Volga Federal District.

The first consignment of plywood has been released in 2008. In 2010 the enterprise – Vyatsky Plywood Mill– has already worked at full capacity, providing all production cycle from preparation of the wood before its complex processing. The deliveries of the finished goods are carried out on the markets of the Russian Federation and CIS and also to the countries of Europe, Asia, the USA, Japan. 70% of all plywood production of plant are sent for export.

The quality of production provided with use of the advanced modern technologies and the latest European equipment is confirmed with the international certificates of ISO 9001, GOST P, CE (EN 13986), E1, BSI, CARB ULEF (ultralow content of formaldehyde), delivery chains by the principles and criteria of FSC.

VPM has 251,8 thousand hectares of forest resources in rent, the volume of an annual calculated logging area is 529,6 thousand cubic meters, the annual volume of development is 335 thousand cubic meters.

Vyatsky Plywood Mill LLC is in structure of Segezha Group of Sistema JSFC since 2014.