Segezha Sawmills

1а, Kirova st. 186421, Segezha, Karelia Republic, Russia
Tel: + 7 (981) 41 000 41

Segezha Sawmills

It was put into operation in 1940, originally as a sawmill of the Segezha PPM.

It produces sawn timber from softwood, chipwood and wooden pallets.

Sawn timber is produced under the technical conditions developed on the basis of GOST 26002-83, 8486-86 and Nordic Timber Nordic sorting requirements. The production of sawn timber is carried out on the equipment of the Austrian company Springer and the German company Linck, as well as at the two-storied sawmills 2P75 of the Vologda machine-tool plant (Russia).

Drying, processing and packaging of sawn timber is carried out on the Finnish equipment Valmet and Plan-Sell. Sawn timber is shipped by road and water means of transport in packages, wrapped in foil from five sides. The moisture content of wood is 18 ± 2%. Segezha Sawmills LLC complies with the voluntary forest certification requirements for the supply chain for the purchase of round timber, production and sale of sawn timber and wood chips.

The countries of Europe – England, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy are the buyers of the products of Segezha Sawmills LLC.

Since 2015, Segezha Sawmills LLC has been a part of Segezha Group of Sistema JSFC Corporation.