Lumbering — Vologda area

42, office 501, Kozlenskyaya st. 160035, Vologda, Vologda area, Russia Postal address: 160000, Vologda, PO box 25
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Lumbering — Vologda area

Kipelovo Forestry Enterprises JSC, which occupies one of the leading places among logging companies of the North-West, was established in 1996.

The company operates in the Vologda region, the main activity is logging and the sale of round wood. The structure of the enterprise includes 5 production sites. The rented forest areas of Kipelovo Forestry Enterprises JSC are located in eight districts of the Vologda region.

Logging is conducted on the basis of assortment technology: in a bunch of harvester-forwarder machines from John Deere and PONSSE.

The central office of Kipelovo Forestry Enterprises JSC is located in Vologda.

The total area of rented forests is more than 578 thousand hectares. The annual allowable cut-off area is 1.3 million cubic meters.

The total annual volume of logging is more than 1 million cubic meters of timber.

Kipelovo Forestry Enterprises JSC has been a part of Segezha Group since October 2014.