Lumbering — Arkhangelsk area

3, Sharevskogo st. 164840, Onega, Arkhangelsk area, Russia
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Lumbering — Arkhangelsk area

Logging companies PLO Onegales and Onegales PJSC are geographically located in three administrative districts of the Arkhangelsk Oblast – Onega, Primorsk and Plesetsk and are logging in the forests of Severodvinsk, Onega and the Priozerniy forest divisions.

It is one of the largest logging associations of forest branch of the Arkhangelsk Oblast and also the main employer enterprises of Onega. From 90's of the XX century “PLO Onegales” remains the largest supplier of sawing raw materials to Onega Sawmills.

The area of the rented forest grounds is 1,8 million hectares; the felling volume is 850 thousand cubic meters per year.

On December 15, 1929 Onega Lespromkhoz has been formed, and in 1974 Onega, Kodinsky and Maloshuysky Lespromkhozes are united in Onegales Pulp and Paper Association. The association became the joint-stock company in 1993.

Since 2015 "PLO Onegales" LLC is in structure of Segezha Group of Sistema JSFC.