Lumbering, Kirov Region

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Lumbering, Kirov Region

Lumbering, handling of forests and reforestation in the Kirov region are the sphere of activity of Vyatsky Plywood Mill (previously known as CKK Vyatka-Les-Invest).

The woodland holding is of 251 thousand ha with a calculated annual woodcutting rate of 538 thousand m3 (251 thousand ha) and an annual amount of exploited resources of 350 thousand m3.

Woodcutting is performed by contractor entities.

The company produces rough timber (stems) of hardwood and softwood, which are shipped to processing companies of Kirov region. Veneer logs and pulpwood are shipped directly to Vyatsky Plywood Mill LLC.

The company consists of 3 working areas.

The share of supplies to the Group companies is of 31%