Onega Sawmills

2, Gutina st. 164842, Onega, Arkhangelsk area, Russia
Tel: +7 (81839) 7-71-48; 2-93-48

Onega Sawmills

Sawmilling is the main activity, due to which Onega, Arhangelsk region has been appeared. Mast timber grown on the shores of the White Sea began being exported under the ruling of Ivan the Terrible, and sawmilling arose on the banks of Onega already in the second half of the 18th century. The first saw mills appeared on the rivers Ponga and Anda, and Onega became the birthplace of the timber export in the North.

Onega had 5 sawmills and the Wolhof Forestry Exchange by 1914. On July 17, 1921 Onega sawmills had entered Severoles Trust, and from November 1, 1923, they were transferred to the company Rusnorvegoles.

In August 1957 Onega Sawmills was established (in the structure of sawmills No. 32, 33, 34 and the hydrolysis plant).

Onega Sawmills JSC was established in 1992.

The products of the enterprise have been known under the labeling of ONEGA in all countries since 1997, where the plant has ever supplied sawn timber.

Onega Sawmills JSC produces 180 thousand cubic meters of sawn timber of Scandinavian sorting and 146 thousand tons of technological chips per year. Edged sawn wood is produced from spruce and pine timber, dried to transport (20-22%) moisture and supplied for export. The mill's products are certified according to international environmental standards.

In 2012 the modernization project of Onega Sawmills JSC was given priority status in the field of forest development.

Since 2014, Onega Sawmills JSC has been a part of Segezha Group of Sistema JSFC Corporation.