Михаил Шамолин

Code of ethics of Segezha Group

Dear Friends!

The foundation of Segezha Group’s success lies in financial stability, business transparency and strict legal compliance. Our openness and impeccable business reputation help our business look confidently into the future. The leadership of Segezha Group in many product directions is supported by a harmonious combination of its own business interests with decisions that enable our partners’ success. The company actively invests in developing our current capacities and creating new enterprises. Working on its projects, the company operates within regulations of applicable legislation only according to fair business principles and the business ethics.

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Mikhail Shamolin, President and Chairman of the Management Board of Segezha Group

Stability and leadership of Segezha Group operations in many product directions of the forest industry are based on comprehensive development and economic transparency, teamwork and careful use of renewable forest resources. The foundation of our customers’ confidence is our impeccable business reputation, strict adherence to legislative norms, commitment to the best international practices of business behavior and compliance with international certification standards. We have systemically introduced cutting-edge technologies, increased our operational efficiency, implemented our large-scale investment program and improved the quality of our services. Increasing our share on strategically attractive markets, the company is able to respond to challenges we face in time and to perform confidently regardless of macroeconomic market conditions. We intend to keep things this way for many years to come.

Importantly, Segezha Group has also created an integrated management system in the sphere of quality, ecology and labor protection. As for anti-corruption compliance, we have managed to form a common understanding that corruption of any shape or manifestation is inadmissible. Our priority is legal equity for each employee without exception. Each employee, regardless of his or her position, must follow regulations established by the Code of Ethics. It is a capstone document that describes principles of corporate behavior, rules for interaction between our employees and clients, business partners, government bodies and external audiences. The effectiveness of the anti-corruption compliance system is based on personal responsibility. We invest money into human capital, and we guarantee the involvement of all 13,000 employees spread across 6 regions of Russia and 7 European countries into this system.

We were the first in the forest industry of Russia to disclose our non-financial reporting. In our Annual Report, we inform the public about all the aspects of our corporate social responsibility in field of economic resilience, social welfare and ecological integrity. Segezha Group is an honest company with transparent and performance-driven business practices focused on profit, quality and customer satisfaction.

An important part of our compliance culture that reinforces its efficiency is our openness and readiness for a dialogue with our partners. There is a Segezha Group hotline to report about any violations of the Code of Ethics, displays of corruption or any other malpractices.

Any successful business is based, as a rule, on the economy of trust. The issue of trust is of paramount importance for Segezha Group, especially considering implementation of large-scale investment projects in Siberia and Karelia, Vologda and Kostroma Regions, modernization of assets and establishment of new production facilities in other regions. One of the factors creating trust in the company on international markets is our stable product portfolio: customers in 100 countries of the world purchase our products. We invest in development and creativity, assist in social and economic development of regions of our presence, implement charity projects, and use the resources entrusted to us by the state sustainably. We do not just declare our openness, but actually display it.

Segezha Group values its reputation of the anchor investor and responsible user of forest resources. We are proud of our corporate culture and the status of one of the leaders in the industry. Working on our current and new projects, the company operates within regulations of applicable legislation only according to fair business principles and business ethics, and cooperates closely with state, international and public bodies, as well as with the population in towns and cities of our presence.

Sincerely yours, Mikhail Shamolin President

Code of ethics of Segezha Group

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